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If you are in need of a commercial, television series, or anything that will be broadcasted, look no further! Parva has produced shows airing on network televison! We make sure the quality is high and the costs are low!



Need something done just for fun? No problem!  Parva has high standards, but they certainly do not hinder us! If you need something fun for an event or personal entertainment, Parva will bring out our "fun side" to make that happen!

Parva Designs provides you with highly skilled and experienced designers who have worked on producing everything from network TV shows to YouTube videos.  If you have a project that needs professional production, Parva Designs will make that happen.


We have the skill and experience to make your project stand out, attract attention, and best of all, meet your satisfaction.


Visit our YouTube channel here or watch the demo videos below to see some of our work!



  • Filming

  • Production Planning

  • Writing & Scripting

  • Concepts & Design

  • Management



  • Editing

  • Graphics & Text

  • Color Corrections

  • Optimization 

  • Music & Sound



About Production

Just tell us what you need done! (be as formal as you like!)

Consultation Form

So you're ready? Fantastic! We start with you telling us what you need. We listen to how you need it done. We're genuinely interested in what it's about.  After that, we assign you a professional video producer based on the type of work needed.  Your producer will work with you to create exactly what you want. He/She will communicate with you and discuss how you want it and will even send you a free draft to see if you approve of it! Not satisfied? Not a problem! Tell us what to change and we'll get on it immediately! After you are happy with it, you pay and we will send you the final product (without the watermark of course). Now you're ready to show the world your professional video! 

How It Works

Modern production involves an abundance of CGI. Parva is experienced in 3-D and 2-D CGI production. These can then be implemented into any project to fit your needs!

CGI (computer generated imagery)


Pricing is determined by two things: the amount of time and the skill needed to complete your project.  For example, if you need a simple intro or a edit, the time and skill needed will be rather low.  If you need a commercial or a music video, the time and skill needed will increase. A lower amount of time and skill will yield a lower price. A higher amount of time and skill will yield a higher price. 


*Parva is pleased to inform you that there is a flat rate of $30 for any project(s) that take(s) less than an hour to complete!*




Parva Designs is all about professional services at affordable costs. With our revolutionary business model, we have kept standards high and prices low. We work with you to make sure what you get is exactly what you need. Armed with the latest in technology and technique, you will never receive anything below the industry standard.

What We Do - List

  • Commercials

  • Introductions

  • YouTube Series

  • TV Shows


  • Campaigns

  • PSAs

  • Weddings

  • Tributes


  • Events

  • News

  • Personal

  • Professional


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