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Pricing is determined by two things: the amount of time and the skill needed to complete your project.  For example, if you need a simple intro or an edit, the time and skill needed will be rather low.  If you need a commercial or a music video, the time and skill needed will increase. A lower amount of time and skill will yield a lower price. A higher amount of time and skill will yield a higher price. 


*Parva is pleased to inform you that there is a flat rate of $30 for any project(s) that take(s) less than an hour to complete!*



Video Production

Parva is committed to always being on the cutting edge of video production.  We make sure that when we produce your work, it is the best that it can be! Parva uses the latest programs, techniques and processes to achieve this.  We are also very flexible, having produced everything from television shows to commericals and countdowns. There isn't anything we can't do for you!

Info and Pricing - Below

How It Works

So you're ready? Fantastic! We start with you telling us what you need. We listen to how you need it done. We're genuinely interested in what it's about.  After that, we assign you a professional video producer based on the type of work needed.  Your producer will work with you to create exactly what you want. He/She will communicate with you and discuss how you want it and will even send you a free draft to see if you approve of it! Not satisfied? Not a problem! Tell us what to change and we'll get on it immediately! After you are happy with it, you pay and we will send you the final product (without the watermark of course). Now you're ready to show the world your professional video! 



Consultation Form

Just tell us what you need done! (no need to be formal!)


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