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Referal Progam

Here are Parva we are always pursuing a steady steam of work for our designers.  More work equals more designers equals more jobs!  That is why we have started a referal program.  If you or someone you know needs any of the listed work done, simply refer them to Parva, tell them to mention you and you will automatically get %20 of whatever the final job cost!  No strings attacted, you provide the clients we provide the cash!  The following jobs qualify for the referal program.


     - Video Production

     - Sound Design

     - Music Production

     - Graphic Design


Services Such as Website Design, Marketing Resources and services not listed do no qualify for %20, however we will still compensate any referrer for their help!  Simply fill out the form below to get started.  If we land a job you referred, upon completion you will recieve %20 of that job!  Help us Help you!








*It is important to use the name you will be using to refer clients!






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